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Tax Preparation & E-Filing

  • Individual Tax Preparation

    • Our nationwide tax preparation services cater to all tax scenarios and situations. Using our over-the-phone tax services, ​you can easily have your taxes prepared from the comfort of your home!

  • IRS - Audit Assistance

    • Our tax professionals are trained and ready to help you understand any IRS letters or audits you may receive. Have trust in our team to assist you through your tax problems.​

  • Past Due Filing

    • We offer year-round filing not only for the current tax year, but up to 3 years prior as well. ​

  • Fast refund and support year-round

    • By choosing to Opt-in to our bank product program, you won't have to pay the tax preparation fee out-of-pocket ​and you can choose to receive your refund securely via check or direct deposit. Our office remains open the ENTIRE YEAR! Call  us at 1-866-268-5752 for questions, concerns, or consultation.

  • Identity Verification

    • Our secure portal allows you to upload an "Identity Check" photo. This allows us to verify your identity and bypass the need for your prior year AGI, which most online software require.

  • Online Profile

    • USA Tax Help offers a FREE, easy to access online account which hosts your tax information, such as form 1040 and additional schedules. You can also track the status of your refund at any time on your online account. There's no need to print and store your tax information, we will keep the electronic copies available for you to download.

  • Tax Consultation

    • Our preparers are available to analyze your current tax situation and guide you in the right direction. Many taxpayers choose to file their own taxes using a "Do-it-Yourself" software. While many softwares work easily, they are not always most beneficial to you as a taxpayer. Our experts will review your financial documents and prepare your return accurately, providing you with the maximum refund available to you.​

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